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Product Description: 




Deluxe Detachable Spittoon:

The spittoon is detachable for easy cleaning, it can be rotated by 90°for patients to spit.




Touch Screen Control of Top Instrument Tray:

Comprehensive functions, digital touch control panel with LCD display, clear understanding and improved treatment comfort.




One-touch Toggle Water, Air and Electric Main Switch:

Automatic pressure relief for longer pipeline life.Switch set at the bottom right of the instrument tray. Convenient for commuting to and from work and for starting/shutting off water, air and electricity.


Inductively Adjustable LED Light:

Philips brand lamp beads, designed for dentistry with a two-colour light source. 4 white light emitting diodes (LED) and 4 white light emitting diodes (with filter), large projection angle, high illumination adjustable from 8.000 to 30.000, infrared sensor switch or light touch switch control stepless dimming, colour temperature (5000K ± 10%). The light spot corresponds to the rectangular light spot required for oral surgery.



Adjustable Comfort Headrest:

Adjustable curved headrest, more comfortable than traditional flat headrests, prevents head shaking during diagnosis, multi-angle adjustable.



Flushing and Water Supply:

The water supply nozzle is higher 2cm above surface of the spittoon tank to avoid cross-infection caused by water splashing on the water supply nozzle during flushing.




Dentist Stool C:

The casters adopt 360°silent universal wheels with flexible movement, six-way adjustment with lifting and pitching, seat cushion forward and backward, tripod is made of precision aluminum alloy casting, durable and not easy to break, seat cushion concave design, in line with ergonomics. Relieve fatigue and protect physician from working long time. The stool lift range is 450mm-600mm.






Tissue Box:

The side box comes with its own tissue box, which does not need to be added. The tissue box is positioned next to the left armrest so that it can be easily removed and wiped after the patient has spat.







Water, Air and Electric main switch:

Switch set at the bottom right of the instrument tray. Convenient for commuting to and from work and for starting/shutting off.



Rotatable Side Box:

Cast aluminium frame with 45° rotatable side box, it is easy to locate the position needed by the assistant with a wide range of movement.



Removable Handpiece Hanger:

The handpiece rack provide doctors with more handpiece positions; the movable handpiece hanger can facilitate doctors to pull the handpiece closer to the treatment.



Concealed Water Storage Bottle:

1.5L large capacity water storage bottle meets the daily needs of dentists, transparent material and the water storage is obvious.



Deluxe Backrest:

The luxurious lumbar design provides good support for the lower back and greatly enhances comfort.




Aluminum Cabinet:

Standardized production, one-piece precision casting, super-strength cast aluminium box, tough and durable, high hardness, no deformation, long-lasting use without rusting. Light weight, small force on the side box, strong stability of the dental chair, independent layout of water, air and electricity, clear structure, convenient for follow-up maintenance.



Cast Aluminium Dental Light Arm:

Improved mobility, light weight, more flexible for multi-directional movement, long service life (after 100,000 fatigue tests).





Assistant Control System:

One strong suction tube and one weak suction tube. The suction and saliva filter system is easy to remove and clean. The suction tube can be easily removed for cleaning and sterilisation. One set of 3-way syringe (Thermostatic hot water),the nozzle and the head can be separated quickly and can be sterilized at high temperature.





Stainless Steel Backrest:

The one-piece stainless steel backrest is laser cut from 4mm steel plate and is solid and stable.





Microfiber co-friendly leather:

The chair is upholstered in microfibre eco-friendly leather, which is soft, breathable and long-wearing without discolouration.







Foot Pad:

The foot pad is made of PU material that the patients do not need to take off their shoes for treatment, which is convenient for cleaning.








Chair Frame:

The fourth generation synchronized system chair, luxury high-grade dental chair with synchronized system chair position, avoiding uncomfortable feelings such as rubbing clothes and pushing back.




Quality in details:

Standard Configuration

24V Silent DC Motor

Stainless Steel Instrument Tray

Keypress Function for Spitting

Mobile Trolley Instrument Tray(with lift)

way Syringe(cold/hot)

Endoscope Holder

Ceramic Spittoon

Nine Memories

Chair with Self-lock Function

Implant Surgery Light

Emergency Stop Switch

Environment Leather

Rotatable and Removable Spittoon

Third Generation Synchronized System Chair Frame

Dentist Stool C

Dentist Stool A

Assistant Operating Control System

Water, Air and Electric Switch System

Multi-functional Foot Pedal

Strong and Weak Suction System with Negative Pressure

Anto Spittoon Flush and Cup Filler Control System