Rehabilitation Dental unit

Rehabilitation Dental unit AY-215D3

Foshan ANYE Medical Apparatus Technology Co., Ltd. is an original manufacturer of dental chairs that has passed CE and ISO13485 certification. It serves dentists in more than 60 countries around the world. The factory covers an area of more than 10,000 square meters and integrates R&D, production and sales.

        To keep improving in production technology and product quality is ANYE’s goal. ANYE completes everything from raw materials to finished dental units independently. There is a large number of advanced digital and automated equipment processing (E.g: German KUKA manipulator, Han's laser machine, automatic processing center, automatic load-bearing feeder, 360-degree manipulator automatic electric welding machine, etc.), ANYE is the only manufacturer of dental unit in China that specializes in automation. The most stable quality products and the most suitable prices help dealers win the competitive edge.

        ANYE is striving to build an exceptional brand recognized by the home and abroad dental industry. Professional technology, dedicated production service will always be AYNE’s sincere and permanent commitment

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Product Description: 







Deluxe Detachable Spittoon:

Using new materials, it is both environmentally friendly and healthy and safe. The childlike peacock design gives a relaxing and comfortable visual experience for child patients. Removable for easy cleaning and can be rotated 90° for easy spitting.



Flushing and Water Supply:

The water supply nozzle is higher 2cm above surface of the spittoon tank to avoid cross-infection caused by water splashing on the water supply nozzle during flushing.



Reflective LED Operating Light (manual/sensor):

Dimmable after one second of hand placement under the sensor, 3-axis rotation for easy positioning of the desired angle, with sensor to avoid cross-contamination.



Assistant Control System:

With 7-button control panel for easy control of common functions of the dental chair by the assistant. Assists the doctor in improving efficiency.



Mobile Instrument Tray Trolly:

The mobile instrument tray with 360° silent universal wheels which is flexible to move and can meet the needs of dentists from all angles.




Junction Box:

With water, air and electric main switch, when the doctor is finished working to close the water, air and electric main switch, to prevent high water and gas pressure at night and extend the life of the pipeline.



Instrument Tray with Memory Function:

Electric dental chair control system with 14 buttons on the main control panel, including 9 memory position controls, one button to reach the preset working position, greatly enhancing the doctor's work efficiency.




Multifunctional Foot Pedal:

With self-locking function to control the dental chair lift, backrest tilt, chip blowing, sputum flushing and water supply functions.




Dentist Stool C:

The casters adopt 360°silent universal wheels with flexible movement, six-way adjustment with lifting and pitching, seat cushion forward and backward, tripod is made of precision aluminum alloy casting, durable and not easy to break, seat cushion concave design, in line with ergonomics. Relieve fatigue and protect physician from working long time. The stool lift range is 450mm-600mm.




Foot Pad:

The foot pad is made of PU material that the patients do not need to take off their shoes for treatment, which is convenient for cleaning.





Chair Frame:

Chair frame suitable for children up to 1.5m



Emergency Stop Switch:

If the dental chair malfunctions or a medical emergency occurs, the switch can be pressed, at which point the whole chair will stop working with water, air and electricity. It can be rotated and pulled up when the danger is removed.



Water Transfer Switch:

Water storage bottle is switched to supply water when the water transfer switch is pressed, and the water storage bottle gas switch is turned on at the same time.




Safety Belt:

Effectively prevent children from shaking.



Backrest Safety Lock:

The backrest will automatically return and the seat will automatically rise when encounter resistance during the lying down process, it will be avoid obstacles, and provide more security.



Imported Water and Air Pipeline:

The water and air pipeline are distinguished by color, the route structure is clearly visible and easy to maintain.The use of high-quality materials that are resistant to hydrolysis and acid and alkali corrosion can effectively prevent aging and embrittlement. Under normal conditions of use can achieve a service life of 8-10 years.



Serial Number

Parameter Table

1 Technical Parameters
1.1 Power Voltage: 220V-50HZ
1.2 Motor Voltage: 24V
1.3 Water Pressure: 0.2MPa~0.4MPa
1.4 Air Pressure: 0.5MPa~0.8MPa
1.5 Input Power: 350VA
2 Illumination
2.1 LED white light, flexible movement, manual/inductive switch, inductive adjustment of light intensity.
2.2 Low grade≥15000Lx, high grade≥20000Lx
2.3 Temperature rise of less than 8°C in the lighting zone 700mm from the light source, colour temperature 5000°K.
3 Treatment Chair
3.1 Adjustable headrest, headrest telescopic length less than 120mm.
3.2 Side elevating dental chair with a suspended, fully cartoonish appearance.
3.3 Fully computer controlled, flat operating switch panel, easy for the dentist to observe and operate, chair adjustment buttons are interlocked, making it less likely to cause incorrect operation.
3.4 Chair position control: up, down, tilt back, tilt forward, reset and PLC functions respectively.
3.5 LED dental light control: inductive or manual control of the dental light, with inductive adjustment of the light intensity.
3.6 Water heater control: jog operation on and off.
3.7 Gargle and water supply control: jog operation on and off, quantitative water supply setting function and water supply function of automatic water dispenser.
3.8 Spittoon flush control: jog operation on, off and automatic timer off function with self-setting off time.
3.9 LED X-Ray film viewing light control: toggle operation to open and close.
3.1 The lowest chair position 500mm, highest chair position >650mm; chair load 135kg (without treatment machine); chair lift speed ≥15mm/s, very stable lift; seat cushion backward tilt angle ≤10 degrees; backrest movement 0 degrees to 70 degrees.
4 Instrument Tray
4.1 Two sets of 4-hole standard high-speed handpiece tubes
4.2 One set of 4-hole standard low-speed handpiece tube
4.3 One set of 3-way syringe(The nozzle and the head can be separated quickly and can be sterilized at high temperature)
4.4 Equipped with a set of easy-to-clean instrument trays and a set of LED X-Ray film viewing lights.
4.5 The air pressure gauge is located at the front of the instrument tray and can be adjusted visually.
4.6 The instrument tray is 360 degrees mobile and has a cartoonish appearance.
5 Assistant Operating Control System
5.1 One strong suction tube and one weak suction tube.
5.2 The suction tube can be easily removed for cleaning and disinfection.
5.3 One set of 3-way syringe and one weak suction tube.The nozzle and the head can be separated quickly and can be sterilized at high temperature.
5.4 The exterior of the assistant holder is an injection moulded housing with cartoon decoration.
6 Spittoon
6.1 High-grade ceremic spittoon, imported raw materials, smooth texture, not easy to break, good cleaning.
6.2 Easy to clean and disinfect.
6.3 Spittoon down speed ≥ 4.5L/ min.
6.4 Can be rotated 90 degrees. With anti-collision function to prevent the spittoon from being damaged by the impact of the rising chair position; with cartoon decoration, beautiful image.
7 Dentist Stool
7.1 Equipped with a deluxe dentist stool with adjustable height, lumbar support and flexible movement on five wheels.
7.2 Lift range of 130mm for the dentist stool.
7.3 Maximum load capacity of the dentist stool is 155kg.
8 Warranty
8.1 One year free warranty



Dimmable Deluxe LED Dental Bi-Colour Light(manual/sensor)


Multi-functional Foot Pedal switch (with foot self-locking function)


Imported Solenoid Valve


Mobile Instrument Tray


LED X-Ray Film Viewing Light


3-way Syringe(cold/hot)


Electric dental chair control system


24V Silent DC Motor(3 memories)


Detachable Ceremic Spittoon (break-proof)


Auto Spittoon Flush and Cup Filler Control System


External Junction Box


Dentist Stool C (adjustable backrest)