Implant Dental Unit

Implant Dental UnitAY-215C5

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Standard Configuration
4-hole Standard High-speed Handpiece Tube  Three 
4-hole Standard Low-speed Handpiece Tube  One
★Wheelchair Lift Platform  One
★Infrared Sensor Stop Safety Switch System   One
90 degree Rotating Spittoon(break-proof)  One
24V Silent DC Motor  One
8 Beads Deluxe LED Dental Bi-Colour Light(manual/sensor)  One
Auto Spittoon Flush and Cup Filler Control System  One
Adjustable Headrest  One
★All Cast Aluminium Multifunctional Foot Pedal  One
Strong and Weak Suction Systems(with filtration)  One
3-way Syringe(cold/hot)   One
24V LED X-Ray Film Viewing Light  One
Mobile Instrument Tray  One
Water, Air and Electric Main Switch   One
★9 Memories  One
Assistant Operating Control System  One
External Junction Box   One
★Dentist Stool C (six-way adjustable)  One
Shelf Tray  One



Technical Parameters


1、AY-215C5 Integral Dental Rehabilitation Unit

1.1、The lowest chair position <530mm, highest chair position >650mm;

     Chair load 135kg (without treatment machine)

     Chair lift speed ≥10mm/s, very stable lift;

     Backrest movement 100 degrees to 160 degrees.

1.2、Adjustable headrest, headrest telescopic length less than 120mm.

1.3、The noise is ≤ 45 dB and the rotating motor is a silent DC motor to ensure safe use.

1.4、The chair has a four-way chair operation with hand and foot controls, a microcomputer control system with reset and PLC (programmable controller: controls the circuit according to the user's requirements and the logic that has been programmed) functions.

1.5、Power Voltage: 220V-50HZ

Motor Voltage: 24V

Water Pressure: 0.2MPa~0.4MPa

Air Pressure: 0.5MPa~0.8MPa

Input Power: 350VA



2、Treatment Chair

2.1、Fully computer controlled, flat operating switch panel, easy for the dentist to observe and operate, chair adjustment buttons are interlocked, making it less likely to cause incorrect operation.

2.1.1 Chair position control: up, down, tilt back, tilt forward, reset and PLC functions respectively.

2.1.2 Water heater control: jog operation on and off.

2.1.3 Gargle and water supply control: jog operation on and off, quantitative water supply setting function and water supply function of automatic water dispenser.

2.1.4 Spittoon flush control: jog operation on, off and automatic timer off function with self-setting off time.

2.1.5 LED X-Ray film viewing light control: toggle operation to open and close.

2.1.6 Intelligent infrared sensing: effectively identifies objects under the base plate to stop the operation of the chair frame and prevent it from being pinched. The effective distance of induction is 80cm.

2.1.7 Wheelchair fixing device: press-and-plug joint, easy to operate, safe and secure.

2.1.8 Fixing frame: rotatable and adjustable, suitable for commonly used wheelchair sizes.


2.2、Instrument Tray

2.21 Three sets of 4-hole standard high-speed handpiece tubes

2.22 One set of 4-hole standard low-speed handpiece tube

2.23 One set of 3-way syringe (The nozzle and the head can be separated quickly and can be sterilized at high temperature)

2.24 One set of easy-to-clean instrument trays and one set of LED X-Ray film viewing light.

2.25 The wide operating surface makes it easy to shelve ancillary instruments and is equipped with a silicone non-slip instrument tray pad.

2.26 The air pressure gauge is located at the front of the instrument tray and can be adjusted visually.

2.27 The pressure regulating water and air button is located on the right side of the instrument tray which conforms to the operating habits and is easy to adjust.

2.28 The instrument tray is 360 degree mobile and is easy and stable to use.


2.3、Assistant Operating Control System

2.3.1 One strong suction tube and one weak suction tube.

2.3.2 The suction tube can be easily removed for cleaning and disinfection.

2.3.3 One 3-way syringe (The nozzle and the head can be separated quickly and can be sterilized at high temperature.)

2.3.4 The exterior of the assistant holder is an injection moulded housing with tray for small items.


2.4、LED Operating Light

      2.4.1  8 beads Philips bi-colour LED White Light Variable Yellow Light (light curing mode)      

2.4.2  Adjustable manually or by induction, low grade ≥ 8000Lx, high grade≥ 20000Lx

2.4.3  Colour temperature 6000-6500K



2.5、Ceramic Spittoon

2.5.1 Easy to clean , disinfect and removable.

2.5.2 Spittoon down speed ≥ 4.5L/ min.



2.6、Cast Aluminium Multifunctional Foot Pedal

2.6.1 Cast aluminium foot pedal with integrated chair interlocking system.

2.6.2 Chair lifting, backrest pitching, phlegm flushing and gargling, oral light control, one-touch reset, silent micro-controllable handpiece speed and other functions.

2.6.3 The multifunctional foot pedal design frees up hands and enhances work efficiency.


2.7、Dentist Stool

2.7.1 Six-way adjustable with lift, tilt, forward and backward adjustment, flexible movement on five wheels.

2.7.2 Lift range of 130mm for the dentist stool.

2.7.3 Maximum load capacity of the dentist stool is 155kg.



Key Parts

(1)24V silent DC motor, stable lift and lower noise, reliable work.

(2)Handpiece silicone PVC tube and super flexible nylon pressure tube, durable and not aging, hardening.

(3)High-grade seamless artificial leather on the chair surface, durable and wear-resistant but not easy to age.

(4)Imported hexagonal diaphragm, durable and long-lasting.

(5)24V solenoid valve is safe and reliable, not easy to fail.

(6)High pressure gas spring, no failure in long-term use.

(7)Handpiece integrated valve.

(8)Dentist stool five casters, reliable work, safe to use.


Other Parameters

  (1)Can be built into the junction box, reduce the floor space, easy to clean.

(2)Before leaving the factory, each unit is measured for three major safety parameters: dielectric strength, leakage current and earth resistance, in strict accordance with GB requirements.

(3)Ordinary tap water, gas source and power supply can work normally.

(4)The installation area is 2.5 x 3 square metres.

(5)The equipment is delivered with: operating manual, packing list, warranty card and responsible for installation.