CMEF Shanghai

May 14 , 2023

The 87th China International Medical Device Expo was held in Shanghai - China National Convention and Exhibition Centre from 14th to 17th May. This year's China International Medical Devices Expo can be said to be unprecedented, 5000+ exhibitors, 200,000+ attendees... This year's China International Medical Device Expo was a great success, with 5000+ exhibitors, 200,000+ attendees...

In this exhibition, Anye booth is located in Hall 1, Booth 1L35, the exhibition site is brilliant, high value and high quality Anye dental chairs attracted many customers stopping to consult and talk about business. 


Anye has been reaping a lot of favourable comments and praises in the market by virtue of the stable and reliable equipment quality and the simple and uncomplicated modern design style. 

The exhibition attracted a large number of customers to experience on-site and feel the excellent performance, convenient manoeuvre and comfort of Anye dental chairs. 

By visiting the latest equipment, instruments and materials in the industry, we have been able to grasp the new development direction of the dental industry. With the help of communication with distributors, customers and peers, our own development direction and strategy have become clearer and stronger. 

During the exhibition, it attracted many foreign customers to visit and negotiate. We want to maintain - consistent high quality and high standards, to provide more quality products and services for dentists and friends around the world. This will be more powerful to promote ANYE steadily forward and flourish!


Anye will always adhere to the "people-oriented", "functional" as the design concept, the attention to every detail, fully reflecting the high standards of quality and high pursuit of Anye Medical, and strive to promote China's dental industry continue to breakthrough!

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